• 100% Natural – Drug Free – Painless – No Side Affects – Non-Addictive – FSA & HSA Eligible


What is the difference in PAT and a standard TENS unit?
TENS units use as much as 1000 times more current than PAT. They are designed to temporarily block pain. By using much lower currents, PAT mimics the body’s natural currents so that the tissues that are causing the pain begin to normalize and thus pain is reduced.
What is TENS? Is PAT a TENS device?
TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous means across the skin, so TENS devices pass an electrical current through electrode pads put on the skin. Traditional TENS devices, developed almost 50 years ago use a milliamp current that is pulsed at a high frequency. They are all designed to block pain while you are using them and are basically all the same. Current advertised devices in this category include Aleve® Direct Therapy® TENS, IcyHot® SmartReliefTM, and Quell®. PAT, on the other hand, while classified by the FDA as a TENS, is totally different. PAT uses currents that are as much as 1000 times less than these traditional TENS devices—currents that more mimic the body’s natural electrical currents. 
How hard is PAT to use on myself?
PAT is very easy to use. Since the treatments are automatic based on the body part treated, all you have to do is apply two electrodes, connect them to the PAT device, turn it on, and choose the part you are treating. After the treatment is over, PAT will turn itself off. For more information, see the owner’s manual.
Can I treat any painful area no matter what causes it?
With the exception of treating over known cancer areas, on the head or the front or sides of the neck, you can treat any part of the body that is causing pain. For the NECK setting, only apply the electrode pads on the back of the neck. In other words, the unit relieves pain for every type of pain, from everyday aches and pains, to acute injuries, to persistent or chronic pain.
Can I do more than one treatment a day?
Absolutely! Many times people have found that two or more treatments will be more effective. The currents are so low in these treatments that you cannot over-treat. You can also do a second treatment without removing the electrode pads. Just press the POWER button again and reselect the body part you are treating.
Can more than one person use the same unit?
Yes, as long as they use a different set of electrode pads. Many people treat their whole family with one unit by ordering a set of electrode pads for each member of the family.
When should you do a treatment?
With PAT, you can do a treatment anytime. Many have found that the morning is the best time to relieve pain for the day. Others treat in the evening to relieve pain for a good night’s sleep. Feel free to do multiple treatments at multiple times, depending on the level of pain you are experiencing.
How will I know if PAT is working if I don’t feel anything?
There is an arrow on the LCD screen next to the body part you have chosen to treat that will blink continuously during treatment if the unit is working and the connections are good.
What do you mean by your One Year Money Back Guarantee?
Up to one year after purchase, if after using PAT you are not getting pain relief, you can send it back to us for a full refund.
Do I need to see my physician before I use it?
There is no prescription required for PAT. However, if you don’t understand why you are having the pain, we encourage you to see your physician to properly diagnose it. For example, if you have any concern there may be a fracture, see your doctor.
Are the electrode pads hypoallergenic?
There is no latex used in the electrode pads but occasionally sensitive skin will have a reaction. Hypoallergenic electrode pads may be specially ordered through our company
Why do you say we need to use your electrode pads?
Any electrical stimulator only works as good as its electrode pads work. We use only the highest quality US made electrodes which, as you can see when examined, have a proprietary silver grid pattern which assures that the current flows throughout the electrode pad. The pads also have a patented multi-layer hydrogel which contacts the skin and makes the electrode sticky. Cheaper electrode pads do not disperse the current properly and have a low-cost single layer gel that not only doesn’t pass the current properly, but loses its stickiness quickly. They simply cannot be counted on to perform like ours. We have priced our electrode pads competitively so you can get the best pads at the best prices.
Where can I buy PAT?
You can order directly from this website here.
Do I have to worry about shocks?
No, the current used is direct current operating at 40-250 millionths of an amp. We say, you will only be shocked at how great it works!
Can I use it if I am pregnant?
No, the safety of PAT and all other TENS devices have not been evaluated to treat pregnant women.
Can I use PAT anywhere?
Yes, as long as PAT doesn’t get wet, you can treat anytime and anywhere. This can be while walking, riding, or even at work.
Is this reimbursable through my insurance or HSA?
You need to contact your personal insurance company or HSA administrator and see if TENS is covered. You may need a doctor’s prescription for coverage.
What does PAT stimulation feel like?
Most people do not feel anything at all but it is common for people with sensitive skin to feel some tingling during the first phase which is from 10-15 minutes. This does not affect the treatment.
How long do batteries last?
PAT uses 3 AAA batteries. Battery life depends on how much you use the unit. We have found that a new set of batteries can treat as many as 50 treatments before needing to be replaced. If the screen becomes obviously less bright, it probably means you need to change the batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries if you wish.
There are units that I see on TV that don’t use wires. Why does PAT need wires?
While so called wireless devices are appearing everywhere, we have chosen not to go wireless. The reason is very simple. We want PAT to be a multi-treatment device that will work anywhere on the body. Often this requires the electrode pads to be separated sometimes several inches from each other. Wires allow virtually unlimited pad placement and pad separation on any part of the body; other units are very limited where they can treat. For example, some only treat the lower back. Others are just made for the knee. Again, with wires, PAT can treat anywhere.
Who should not use PAT?
Do not use PAT if you have a cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device. Do not use PAT if you are pregnant, as PAT and other TENS devices have not been evaluated to treat pregnant women.
Are there any side effects?
No, the only thing you may experience is slight skin irritation under the electrode pads. Juvir Medical offers hypoallergenic pads if you need them.
How many treatments can I get before I need to change electrode pads?
This depends on the condition of your skin and many other factors. However, most people get at least fifteen treatments from one set of electrode pads. You use the electrodes until they will no longer stick to your skin. We supply you with two sets of electrodes when you originally buy PAT.
How many treatments will it take me to get relief?
There is no set number of treatments. A recent muscle strain may feel 50% better after one treatment and gone after three. However, chronic pain may take five or more treatments to feel a difference. Why is this? The longer you have the pain, the longer it may take to get rid of it. However, the majority of people begin to feel some relief by the second treatment.