• 100% Natural – Drug Free – Painless – No Side Affects – Non-Addictive – FSA & HSA Eligible

100% Natural, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Pain. You’re here now because you know it first hand and eye-close. And you know you don’t hide from it, you overcome it.

1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Experience natural pain alleviation and healing

That’s where we meet. This crossroads between your aches, ills and soreness, and the smartest, savviest method ever to crush each. By using your most incredible tool—your body’s own electric grid—to reduce inflammation, alleviate discomfort and truly heal. Not hide it or mask your pain, but conquer it.

81% of Users Feel Alleviation of Pain with PAT

*FSA & HSA eligible for reimbursement
PAT treats the source of your pain. Explore common pain areas and treatments.

Treat the Source of Your Pain in 3 SIMPLE STEPS

Place pads over area to be treated.
Connect pads to device and power on.
Select 1 of 8 modes and begin treatment.

No side effects. No chance of overdose. No financial risk with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.