• 100% Natural – Drug Free – Painless – No Side Affects – Non-Addictive – FSA & HSA Eligible

Don't just mask your pain, heal it.

In your fight against pain, you have a new ally–your own body.

Relieves      Pain

What is PAT?

PAT eases painful areas by boosting and enhancing your body’s natural healing. The electrical current running throughout your body plays a vital role in maintaining healthy cells. Using low-dose, micro-current stimulation to this system, PAT treats the underlying causes of your discomfort, instead of masking symptoms for awhile.

Understanding the unique complexity of your body is what sets PAT apart and above other ways of treating pain. Drugs or other electrical-stimulation methods only provide temporary relief. This just leads to heavier and heavier doses or stimulations, as the body learns to resist these treatments. PAT goes after the underlying problem, leading to healing.

It’s affordable, safe and easy to operate. But most of all, it's a proven and incredibly effective method to get you free of pain, and back to doing what you love.

Reduce Inflammation

Heal Your Body

Experience Fast Relief

How It Works

In injured, damaged, and inflamed tissue, research shows that these areas have a high resistance to the flow of electrical current.


Inflamed tissue cells have damaged cell membranes that leak toxins creating a force shield which causes your pain. Your body’s natural healing current bypasses the damaged area. Healing doesn’t take place and pain continues.


Placing PAT’s electrode pads over the area of pain, enables PAT to penetrate the force shield of pain leading to normalizing the cells and relieving your pain.
Get started using your PAT by downloading these helpful guides.

Don’t Settle for Temporary Pain Relief

Unlike all other forms of pain treatment whether it’s drugs or some other form of electrical stimulator which only provide temporary relief, PAT goes after the underlying cause of Pain by mimicking your body’s natural electrical currents which in turn brings about healing. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, treating the effects only lead to heavier drugs and/or electrical stimulation as the body’s resistance increases with every treatment. If you’re dealing with acute pain from an injury, PAT will help accelerate the healing process.
Pain Free Treatments

PAT mimics your natural electrical currents. Since you don’t feel your natural electrical currents, you wouldn’t expect to feel PATs.

Reduce/Eliminate Reoccurring
Medical Expenses

Avoid costly reoccurring expenses when you go after the underlying cause of your pain.

No Side Effects

Avoid subjecting yourself to all the dangerous side effects of treatments that only provide temporary relief of pain.

No Risk

If PAT doesn’t provide you the results you deserve within 12 months of purchase*, send it back for a complete refund. See Details


PAT is a portable, battery operated unit you can use just about anywhere.

No Risk of Overdose/Overuse

Treating the area of pain daily is recommended. However, feel free to treat your area of pain as often as you like.

Easy to Use

8 preprogrammed body selections simplifies treatment cycle selections.

FSA & HSA eligible for reimbursement

If you participate in an FSA, MSA, or HSA program, you should be able to use those funds to purchase your PAT unit per IRS Publication 502.

More Effective Than Other Electrical Nerve Stimulation Devices

Strength of current Uses microamps (same as the body’s natural healing current) Uses Milliamps; too much current
Pain relief Stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue, the source of the pain Temporarily blocks transmission of pain carrying C nerve fibers
Effectiveness Data reveals that it is effective in about 85% of cases Effective in about 40 to 50% of cases
Ease of application A couple button presses starts unit and it automatically stops Requires co-ordination and dexterity to adjust dials
Side effects Might cause a little redness where electrode patches were placed with sensitive skin, disappears after 10 minutes Some evidence that the relatively high output may cause cell damage
Experience No discomfort Causes discomfort in about one third of users. Feels like electrical shock
Sensation Below sensory threshold. Most people have no sensation Causes mild tingling to throbbing
Post treatment Bioelectric changes continue even after the PAT treatment stopped Once switched off, there are no continued benefits
Dosage of current A set dosage just like medication Dosage varies by patient tolerance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in PAT and a standard TENS unit?
TENS units use as much as 1000 times more current than PAT. They are designed to temporarily block pain. By using much lower currents, PAT mimics the body’s natural currents so that the tissues that are causing the pain begin to normalize and thus pain is reduced.
What is TENS? Is PAT a TENS device?
TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous means across the skin, so TENS devices pass an electrical current through electrode pads put on the skin. Traditional TENS devices, developed almost 50 years ago use a milliamp current that is pulsed at a high frequency. They are all designed to block pain while you are using them and are basically all the same. Current advertised devices in this category include Aleve® Direct Therapy® TENS, IcyHot® SmartReliefTM, and Quell®. PAT, on the other hand, while classified by the FDA as a TENS, is totally different. PAT uses currents that are as much as 1000 times less than these traditional TENS devices—currents that more mimic the body’s natural electrical currents. 
How hard is PAT to use on myself?
PAT is very easy to use. Since the treatments are automatic based on the body part treated, all you have to do is apply two electrodes, connect them to the PAT device, turn it on, and choose the part you are treating. After the treatment is over, PAT will turn itself off. For more information, see the owner’s manual.
Can I treat any painful area no matter what causes it?
With the exception of treating over known cancer areas, on the head or the front or sides of the neck, you can treat any part of the body that is causing pain. For the NECK setting, only apply the electrode pads on the back of the neck. In other words, the unit relieves pain for every type of pain, from everyday aches and pains, to acute injuries, to persistent or chronic pain.
Can I do more than one treatment a day?
Absolutely! Many times people have found that two or more treatments will be more effective. The currents are so low in these treatments that you cannot over-treat. You can also do a second treatment without removing the electrode pads. Just press the POWER button again and reselect the body part you are treating.
Can more than one person use the same unit?
Yes, as long as they use a different set of electrode pads. Many people treat their whole family with one unit by ordering a set of electrode pads for each member of the family.
When should you do a treatment?
With PAT, you can do a treatment anytime. Many have found that the morning is the best time to relieve pain for the day. Others treat in the evening to relieve pain for a good night’s sleep. Feel free to do multiple treatments at multiple times, depending on the level of pain you are experiencing.
How many treatments will it take me to get relief?
There is no set number of treatments. A recent muscle strain may feel 50% better after one treatment and gone after three. However, chronic pain may take five or more treatments to feel a difference. Why is this? The longer you have the pain, the longer it may take to get rid of it. However, the majority of people begin to feel some relief by the second treatment.