• 100% Natural – Drug Free – Painless – No Side Affects – Non-Addictive – FSA & HSA Eligible


Reducing Pain
As a licensed doctor of physical therapy, I am a strong advocate for conservative, non-invasive, and non-pharmacological approaches to pain management. The PAT microcurrent device is an effective device for reducing pain. The research has been done and the parameters have been set, so there’s no potential for user error or risk of injury using a trusted device such as this. The PAT unit can be used by anyone for a multitude of conditions. I’ve met many vendors and tried many TENs units and e-stim devices, but none compare to this PAT microcurrent unit.

After fracturing my fifth metatarsal, I battled foot pain for 5 months due to slow bone healing. I began using this unit 45 min a day twice a day to stimulate bone growth to expedite my healing. After 30 days, my pain was significantly less and repeat x-rays showed improved cortical bone healing! I am an advocate for this device for many reasons and would recommend it to my friends, family, and patients.
Dr. Rachel Webb

95% Relief after the 3rd treatment

With chronic neck pain from severely degenerated facet joints throughout the whole C-spine and lower neck disc degeneration too getting pain free is a daily challenge.

With two applications last night and one going as we speak i’ve Had 95% relief.

It will be interesting to see how long I can remain pain free before needing another run through the program.
Dr. Aaron Flickstein, DC Emeritus
64 year old male