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Back Pain

Our PAT treats the following back pain conditions.
Degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis and spondylosis are three of the names given to back arthritis or arthritis of the spine which is caused from years of bending and twisting and typically affects everyone as they age. However, many people do not ever have low back pain which is simply because their arthritic changes are not pressing on any nerves. Statistics show that 80% of the population of the world has back pain some time in their lives. When the wearing down occurs, the body attempts to stabilize itself by sending in calcium deposits which are randomly laid down in the area of the spinal vertebra. This can result in spinal stenosis.

Spinal Stenosis happens when spinal arthritis results in the narrowing and constricting of the spinal canal, often resulting in compressed nerves and pain. The spinal canal is where the spinal nerve comes through the vertebrae and courses down into the pelvis or leg. If the nerve becomes compressed at this point it can result in pain or numbness along the path of the nerve down into the pelvis or leg.
Sciatica occurs when the spinal stenosis affects the nerves that make up the large sciatic nerve coming off the lower vertebrae. It can often be felt in the mid to lower buttocks on the affected side and down the back of the leg, sometimes all the way to the foot.
The most common type of back pain, especially younger people is a low back muscle strain. This is from putting too much stress on the low back muscles, usually from lifting with poor technique or from bending and lifting when muscles are not used to performing an activity. For example, if you are moving furniture and you are not used to this type of activity. The muscles become strained and react by going into a painful muscle spasm with swelling and inflammation.
If you have a full blown herniated disc, it is something that needs to be addressed by a medical doctor immediately and is typically extremely painful and often needs surgery. What is much more common is a partial herniation of a disc, which is where a portion of the disc (between the vertebras) pushes out into the spinal canal and pinches the nerve.
Degenerative Disc Disease
Pain free PAT Electrodes on lower back
For back pain, use this photo as a guide for electrode placement.