• 100% Natural – Drug Free – Painless – No Side Affects – Non-Addictive – FSA & HSA Eligible

a pain in the neck.
PAT is Drug free, painless and easy to use.

1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Alleviate neck pain naturally

Is it any wonder that we describe the worst elements of our lives as neck pain? 

It’s excruciating, unmerciful and multi-faceted.But regardless of the type of neck discomfort you’re feeling, decades of medical research have created a truly breakthrough way to treat it.

We call it PAT. This unique therapy uses your body’s own electrical system to ease pain, reduce inflammation and commence healing. In other words, it doesn’t numb or mask your aches, it begins the process of eradicating them. So whether you twisted your neck in a workout or suffer from relentless arthritis, PAT is your partner against pain. 

87% of users experienced immediate pain relief with PAT.

So, PAT is simple and safe to apply. It’s completely natural. And it comes with a 12 month-guarantee riding shotgun. This is the breakthrough treatment you’ve been waiting for. But there’s no reason to wait any longer. 
*FSA & HSA eligible for reimbursement

PAT helps with many neck issues including

  • Spine Arthritis
  • Neck Muscle Strain
  • Neck Muscle Tightness
  • Partial Disc Herniation
  • Generalized Neck Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease 
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

Don’t Settle for Temporary Relief from Neck Pain.

Unlike all other forms of  neck pain treatment whether it’s drugs or some other form of electrical stimulator which only provide temporary relief, PAT goes after the underlying cause of neck pain by mimicking your body’s natural electrical currents which in turn brings about healing. 
Pain Free Treatments

PAT mimics your natural electrical currents. Since you don’t feel your natural electrical currents, you wouldn’t expect to feel PATs.

Easy to Use

8 preprogrammed body selections simplifies treatment cycle selections.

No Side Effects

Avoid subjecting yourself to all the dangerous side effects of treatments that only provide temporary relief of pain.


PAT is a portable, battery operated unit you can use just about anywhere.

No Risk of Overdose/Overuse

Treating the area of pain daily is recommended. However, feel free to treat your area of pain as often as you like.

No Risk

If PAT doesn’t provide you the results you deserve within 12 months of purchase*, send it back for a complete refund. See Details

Treat the Source of Your Neck Pain

Place pads over area to be treated.
Connect pads to device and power on.
Select 1 of 8 modes and begin treatment.

PAT alleviates neck pain and is completely natural, 100% drug free, portable and wearable for easy, everyday use.

PAT works at the source of neck pain instead of just masking symptoms.

If you're like millions of others in pain, you've tried almost everything to feel better. Now it's time to try non-drug pain relief from PAT.